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    Had recently acquired a new computer and performed a successful data migration from the old to the new.

    Only one glitch worth mentioning...

    My Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 audio interface wasn't recognized by the new computer...what to do? I'd already downloaded the latest driver from Focusrite....still, no hardware connected displayed in the Saffire Mix Control view screen, or in Audio/Midi Set-Up in my Utilities folder...

    Several phone calls to AppleCare proved pointless...so it was necessary to visit Focusrite's Help Centre and do some troubleshooting of the device. One random article said, if an error message is returned upon installing the latest driver, be sure your Security & Privacy > General tab allows the driver download before the computer restarts...

    Yup. That was it. Merely allowed the driver download and restarted the computer...once the driver was allowed, the Saffire's 2 green connection lights lit up and I knew the driver installation was successful.

    My Music now plays through my Saffire and computer monitors, and all is well regards my computer.

    Had I not the presence of mind to view the troubleshooting section of Focusrite's website, I'd be twiddling my thumbs while waiting for Focusrite's emailed response telling me to buy another Focusrite product other than Saffire...saved myself $400 plus some today...yay!
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