Worth splitting zach myers?

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by matt117, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Hey - I'm new here and just this last friday became a prs owner for the first time.
    I have been really into my tele and strats for a long time. Couple years ago I got rid of my les pauls (tribute with humubucker and one with p90s) and have recently got the hunger for some hum buckers.

    I knew I wanted a prs one day, I've tried friends guitars and they always play amazing, and have lots of respect for Paul and his philosophy in building. I Wanted birds, humbuckers, and semi hallow. So I went for the zach myers.

    I'm into a lot of country/rock, blues, and play modern praise and worship fairly often out.
    Came across worship tutorials video "can prs p&w" and saw how amazing that core custom 24 is.

    Is it possible to get those split bridge/humbucker neck tones out of this se myers if I put some push pull pots in to split each coil? Or is there so much more going on with that guitar wiring and pickup wise?
    Just don't want to bother splitting coils here if its going to sound just like every other split hum bucker I've heard before. But if theres a few other things going on that I can modify (resistors, caps, etc) to make this guitar have more useable options that'd be amazing!

    If you have any insight for me, as in if its possible to get these tones with the stock humbuckers or if others are needed, resistors/etc, that'd be fantastic.
    I should mention I am thinking about getting some lambertone grinder/crema pickups to drop output as I have lowered these, and do find they drive a tad too much for my goals with this guitar.


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