Wood Library Korina and Ebony Hollowbody II vs Regular Hollowbody II

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by AragonWingfoot, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Moore Guitars in Evansville has a couple Wood Library Hollowbody IIs which seem very nice. I was wondering how these wood Library guitars would be different when compared to a regular Hollowbody II?

    Edit: Sorry, These wood Library’s have a Korina neck and sides with an ebony fretboard, Maple top and back.
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    Not taking the Korina and Ebony into consideration; a Wood Library made with the same wood combo as a Core would just be aesthetically different. Wood Library allows the dealers to do small orders (usually 10) where they pick out the woods during a visit to the factory. The Wood Library would be stocked with samples that are usually more visually better than a "regular" top. It also allows for these runs to be different from a Core model, as your example above.
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    Interesting combo of woods. I don't think I've seen a Korina-rimmed or necked HB. I dig the ebony boards, too.
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    Used to have an HBII with a Korina neck. I also have a 594 with Korina body and neck. To me it gives a guitar a bit more pop and clarity. I love Korina as a “tone wood”. Overall I’d say the Korina neck and ebony board would make a guitar with a lot of clarity, definition and brightness.
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