Wide Thin Neck on CE’s


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Oct 13, 2019
Just got my 1sr PRS and absolutely love it. It’s a CE Semi hollow and is a wide-thin neck. It is certainly thinner in depth from nut to highest fret than my other guitars which I love. Where does the Wide come in? It’s not physically wider than my Strat or Tele, is it the actually frets or fret wire that “wide” is referring to? Thanks!
OK that’s a little cryptic. I have an Ibanez A.R. 420, what am I looking for?
IMO, Ibanez have a narrow neck. I've only played a couple and never owned one, but the one of the ones I played was much more narrow than my CE.

The W/F neck on your CE isn't super wide. Compared to an LP it's probably about the same if not maybe a little more narrow, but compared to other PRS necks it's wider. I think that is why it's named as it is.
I think this is part of the reason they changed to the "Pattern" nomenclature, 'wide' is a relative term, wide compared to what? Probably some other specific shape to which we may never know.