Why the hatred?

Hmmm, it should be about quality only, but face it, it’s about aesthetics and perception as well. I as a non-guitarist who shops for my husband was instantly drawn to PRS. We watched the factory tour and the finishes are just hands down the best! My husbands dream guitar was always, surprise, a Les Paul. We were able to get him a new LP studio. He does have a tele, a Dot, a strat, and well many others. For him, he really wanted a PRS in the early 90’s when all the 70’s guys started Carlos, Nugent. By the time he could get one in the late 90’s all the newer guys were on the PRS wagon and he thought they were now a little trendy. I finally told him we had to add one to the arsenal. @ this point we have um a lot of guitars sooo, we are picky. What can it add that I don’t have? Can we get it in pink, so you’ll shut up about my needing a pink guitar....he likes the PRS SE 24 the best, almost bought a pink one from Japan, but went and played them and hates wide thin necks! Long story short we got a Zach Myers in trampas. I would have preferred violet, but as you all know, beggars can’t be choosers in the SE line. My hope is he really enjoys it. He did admit a lot of his Gibson love comes from the glory days. First humbuckers, blah blah. Even he is excited to receive our first PRS.
Does your husband know how fortunate he is ?