Why Do You (Or Do You?) Want Your PRS Guitar To Sound Like Some Other Guitar? Poll

Why do you (or do you?) want your PRS guitar to sound like some other guitar?

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A good chunk of "artistic license" in that claim too...:p
Max, here's how I figure it:

Producers finance and fund movies with a 'package'. There's a director who's signed on who's on the A list; there are lead actors, hopefully also on the A list, who've joined the project; the script is optioned and the screenwriter also has a reputation that's tops; the composer is also part of the package, provided it's an A list composer.

This package then gets dropped into the laps of studios or production companies with money to fund the picture, who either say yes or pass.

Being part of the package is not an easy task; most actors, even very good ones, never make the cut. Most movies don't even make the cut unless the package is sweet.
I like the PRS to be its own thing. With models like Santana, Custom 24, Studio, and the Hollowbody series, PRS is in a great position to shape its own legacy. While I understand the appeal of Single Cuts and Silver Sky, they're just not my preference and I feel they deviate from PRS's original style. I get the sounds great, but its just not my cup of tea. I'm content to see where the models that I love are heading, though.
I hear what you're saying, it's better to have your own identity rather than just copying Gibson and Fender. I agree with that.

At the same time, I was reluctant in trying out a Silver Sky as I really loved my 1982 American Stratocaster. But when I compared the 2 guitars, the Silver Sky neck felt better, the strings were easier to bend, the back pickup was not ice picky, the tone control worked with the back pickup, the whammy bar slides in and out, the locking tuners, and round block in the back of the body was more comfortable than the sharper edges on my square block on my Fender. After much A/B, I preferred the even sound of the Silver Sky pickups over the heavier low end my Strat provided. After owning my Silver Sky for 4 months, I realized, 95% of the time I preferred my Silver Sky. Therefore, I sold my Fender CBS Stratocaster. The truth is I don't really miss it though I have over 30 years of fond memories of it.

In regard to my McCarty 594, it is different enough from my Les Paul. First, I purchased the double cut version as I wanted to access the higher frets easier which gets all crunched up on my LP after the 14th fret. Secondly, its tone is not as thick and has a more medium tone with tremendous clarity and longer sustain. Having pickups that can go to single coil, a guitar that is not as heavy or bottom heavy makes it a more balanced guitar. To me Heritage is more of a copy Les Paul than the 594. PRS took the ideas of the Les Paul and just modernized it like straightening the D and G strings on the headstock, so they stay in tune better. Gibson seems to have not moved forward since 1964 and stuck with their old ways even though fixing the headstock for instance would have been a smart thing to do.