Why Do You (Or Do You?) Want Your PRS Guitar To Sound Like Some Other Guitar? Poll

Why do you (or do you?) want your PRS guitar to sound like some other guitar?

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I like the PRS to be its own thing. With models like Santana, Custom 24, Studio, and the Hollowbody series, PRS is in a great position to shape its own legacy. While I understand the appeal of Single Cuts and Silver Sky, they're just not my preference and I feel they deviate from PRS's original style. I get the sounds great, but its just not my cup of tea. I'm content to see where the models that I love are heading, though.
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I’ve heard so many great guitar tones in various songs that they kind of blur together into the definition of “awesome”. I’ve never really tried to copy any one tone, just get as close to my version of awesome that I can.

I think more of tone comes from the player themselves. I’ll never play exactly like EVH, so why would I try to copy other parts of his tone? I sit in a GC every Saturday for 30 minutes during my son’s lessons. I’ve heard someone come in and play a guitar off the wall and think they play ok. They wonder off and another person plays the same guitar with same amp without any adjustments and think they sound incredible! Only difference is the player, but that adds so much to the tone the same gear sounds completely different.

No matter what gear I use, I’m always going to sound like me. So I just try to sound like the best me I can.
Birds are great. But i also have basically a part time income from being in a traveling working country band. So alot of times i need , mainly for myself, to get those specific sounds or close enough. In reality, nobody in the crowd cares, but for myself...id like to have a single coil snappy sound for a song that was played on a strat style. Thats kinda why I cant quit the fiore.