Why do people have more than one?

I think I’ll add once you’ve found your sound or the fit of a certain guitar some (not all) stick with that what works. In my case Custom 24’s which is the mainstay of my collection. Various years represent small changes the manufacturer made throughout the history of a particular model. I do have a few other models in the PRS line and also have a few from various manufacturers. And believe me I’ve been sold on PRS electrics since 86. Brand loyalty also flows over to model loyalty look at all the Santana followers here ( you know who you are). One last point to your question/ statement some peeps really dig in with brand loyalty and I’ll use these few examples and by no means am I implying that I don’t support anyone else’s choice. There are other manufacturers that make those Singlecut style guitars as well as the S style we all know yet many will chose the PRS take on them, no different than strings, amps, acoustics and now pedals. It’s all choice to support the brand and to what extent one does is to each his own. One thing I know being on this forum is the pure honesty of these guy’s/ gals that get that PRS they wanted and absolutely are gushing over it as it’s truly a top if not the top brand out there. Ah my two cents anyway.
Hmmm....maybe I'm thinking of something else. I thought there was either a PM, or post about one of those, and a link to the Reverb (?) listing.
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Post 7

Yup, that was it. Coulda, shoulda
Different electronics, necks, pickups, neck profiles, weight, resonance - what seem like minor differences can be hear/felt clearly by the player, and each better suited for certain songs, styles, other gear i.e. slides).

And I never played a gig with less than 2 guitars that could be used for the music being played. Jacks can fail, soldering joints bust loose, strings break - all sorts of "gremlins" lurk within.

And in 45+ years of gigs I never needed to use a backup. But I DID loan them out to other players who didn't think regular maintenance/setups were necessary and ended up finding out they had a "dead player" 10 minutes before the first set.
I was in IT for 18 years - I don't do anything without a backup. Anything can and will fail, in unexpected ways, at the worst possible moment. In my case, when I finally found my guitar after decades of swapping, I had to have another...but they're just slightly different, since one is solid and the other semi hollow :).

I have backups for anything I gig. I always have two of whatever my main guitar is onstage. Most of the time they are the same make and model, but occasionally they are just similar enough to swap out. Usually they’re not the same color finish. This covers malfunctions, string breakage, and just a swap of look for the audience. I have two 513s, two HB Spruces, did have two 594 SCs, and am looking for a reasonably priced NF3 (or one I can trade for). “Two is one, one is none” is a good rule of thumb. As I’ve often said, we’re paid to make music, not excuses.

Guitars that don’t see the stage other than rare appearances are singles. The double thing only goes for “working” guitars. I’m definitely not rich.

And this...

The truth: I'm like a dumb f#@king racoon who can't resist shiny stuff; even if it costs me my life.
Why do I have several guitars, the question I often asked myself was, why does my wife have so many shoes!
No kidding, all the guitars I have have different things, I have a few left in sight!

No one is responsible for my wallet but some people here that I won't talk about like Alnus have rekindled Santana's disease!
my wife already thinks I'm off my rocker for having as many as I do and even WANTING more
Yeah they usually don’t get it. The GG asked me this same question once…I started explaining the different specs on each one and how they affected the tone so they’re all different. Her response was, “they all sound the same to me”…Then the demo started, she got to the second one and gave up said okay whatever. Then she actually bought my last one for me.


Oh and to answer the OP…because they make me happy. Nuff said.