Who's this guy?


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May 18, 2013
Portland, Oregon

Went to see Andy Timmons play last night. AMAZEBALLLLS!!!! Anyone who is not familiar with his tunes should check him out. He is fantastic live!
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Couldn't agree more. I love his playing. Was this one of the stops with Uli Jon Roth and Jennifer Batten? Is so, how were they?
Tha boy has come a long long way from Dallas, Texas. When he was younger, he used to perform at Fry St. Fair in Denton Texas. His thing was to stump him. People in the crowd called out songs, any songs, popular, obscure, almost unknown, and no one ever stumped him and his Les Paul. This was just a kid in the middle of the street with an amp, extention cord, mic, and guitar.. He was fantastic then...much less now...a great guitar artist. Nice guy too. Even in a Guitar Center he will at least nod and smile.
Andy Timmons is a great player and seems to be a nice guy too. Congratulations on getting to meet and see him play.
Cool pic. I caught the Andy/Jennifer/Uli show in Concord CA on the 14th. A mixed verdict on the overall show from this reporter - mainly having to do with the venue. Andy was awesome though and even though I didn't meet him personally, it's really great how well he connects with his audience. He is an absolutely phenomenal player - one of the very best. PRSh needs to bait this dude into our camp!