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Thanks much to all.

Having read a few similar comments...I have a follow-up question for those more educated in such things.

Is the stain color with natural back unusual? I'll admit that I never really gave it any thought, and assumed that was standard.

If it is or isn't out if the norm has no bearing on my personal love for the guitar...and how great it feels and plays...but now I'm looking at it with a new perspective.
I think it's unusual to see Whale Blue with a natural back. It's usually black. The paint shop is full of surprises these days, though. I wish they'd do it this way more often. Such a gorgeous combo.
My first reply to the OP was going to be...

"Well if that's the result, you should go to the store on payday more often"

After reading the rest, I'll change that to

"Well if that's the result, you should go to the store on payday often... but you probably want to wear a rubber suit.
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I really don't want to see that video.

I'm thinking a TRICKLE of single notes over SATURATED chord progressions would FLOW quite well.

I could DOUSE the audience with a RIVER of sonic awesomeness, leaving them to drown in a PUDDLE of musical bliss, just DRIPPING with clarity.