Who here has an obscene amount of guitars?


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Nov 23, 2015
QCA Iowa
About 15 years ago I was in the 30+ range....low to mid range stuff (MIM Fenders, Epis, Ibanez, etc). I thinned the herd immensely due to my ex wife and got down to 7. Then I got divorced and sold more off. And then I started rebuilding. A year and a half ago I realized that I was back up in the 20's of the same low to mid range stuff....so I began to purge again. And that's when I bought my '91 CU24.

And now I'm in the final stages of my current gear purge and have sold just about everything in order to buy higher end stuff. So as of now, I'm down to 6 (5 technically) -

1991 CU24
1996 CE24
2006 CE24 (currently on its way to me)
SE Tremonti Custom
Jasmine A/E (soon to be replaced and then sold)
Jackson bass (technically my sons but he rarely touches it)

I've even thinned out my amps and racks! I'm down to a 2 Channel "H" combo, a VHT Pittbull 45 2x12 combo, Eleven Rack with a TubeWorks amp, a 2x12 cab, a 2x12 combo that I built (JTM 45 type), a 50w Superbass head that I built, and a 50w Superlead/JCM800 type that I built. Oh, and an Ampeg 100 watt bass combo that is mine but I let my son use.

I'm happy with my small collection.....for now.....


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Feb 7, 2017
I have two custom shop Telecasters ('51 heavy relic and NOS Postmodern), Custom Shop Ancho Poblano Stratocaster, Gretsch 6120 Nashville Players Edition, Duesenberg Starplayer TV, R8 Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Firebird, Gibson J45, Martin 00018, Duesenberg Fairytale Lap Steel, Asher Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel, Asher Acoustic Hawaiian Imperial Lap Steel, Cigar Box Guitar and new to the family . . . PRS McCarty 594 SC, Black Gold, 10 Top!
Fender '65 Princeton Reverb, Vox AC4C1-12, Vox AV 15G, Orange Micro Terror and a Henriksen, "The Bud."
I don't think I have a problem . . .
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Feb 5, 2017
I count 7. It only feels strange to me when I count them (you can only play one at a time after all) but they all have a very specific purpose, writing/recording-wise.

How about this for a collection tho



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Feb 7, 2017
13 guitars
2 mandolins
2 fiddles
2 basses
1 banjo

Yes, 2 are PRSi. I have my '02 Hollowbody my wife gave me as a Christmas gift back in '03. And there is my '06 CU22. I sold an A5, DGT, CU24, McCarty and Studio - just didn't use them. I wish I had that A5 back!

My amps are Matchless DC30 and SC30, Bad Cat Cub III, Fender '72 Twin, Fender Supersonic 22 and Line6 DT50.

My wife says I have to much "stuff"! I don't think so! :)


There's always room for one more.....
Jun 25, 2012
Bon Temps
I guess there's always room for one more. But I'm up to >50 guitars. 6 amps, rackstuff, wah's, stompboxes. talkbox, E-bows, a synth and let's not forget cases,flightcases and gigbags .
So I don't have a guitar problem, I just have a space problem :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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Mar 9, 2013
I have a large-ish guitar collection, but probably nowhere near as large as some.

It's funny, when I was early 20s, pre-family, and gigging in an original indie band, I owned 3 guitars. A EKO acoustic, a souped up Fender Musicmaster and an old Ibanez Tele as a spare.

Now I gig in a soul covers band 30 odd years later, and post-family I have an arsenal of over 16 electrics, two acoustics and two resonators to choose from.

I use most of them to gig with at some time too.

Now I'm thinking of downsizing to keep my nice Teles, my two SEs, and sell the others to fund a really nice Gibson/PRS Singlecut, but some of those cheapies are fun to play;-)