Who has watched film "Carlos" yet?

I watched this on 'Row8', a great movie app(check it out) on the Roku platform last night. If you've read his biography, 'The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light'(2015), then this is a great follow up to that book though many years have passed since it was released. One thing you will note is this is about the man and his family influences not so much the music per se, but if you've followed his long and legendary career, you know about his creative transformations over time, won't you? Two name stand out: Bill Graham. If not for him and later Clive Davis, there'd be nothing to discuss today.

If you've never seen this, it quite the story. And yes, I was at that Merriweather Post concert where Carlos played the P-90 PRS, and he did exactly that...then he picked up his Yamaha SG-2000 and played the rest of the set with it.