When you order a new PRS


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Sep 23, 2012
What do you guys and ladies do to kill the suspense?

I have another two months before mine is even put in to production and honestly, the suspense is killing me.
To waste away the time, try calling your dealer every few hours, asking if it's in yet. I hear they love this. :)
I stopped in today and bugged a bit. They are just waiting on an exact eta from Prs...call back prs, I need it bad lol
My dealer today is being visited by a new rep, I guess the woman who was his rep moved on.
He is going to have the rep call and see where mine is in production.
Hopefully he can find out.
Lmao just looked at the thread, oh ya I could waste a lot of time there lol
I would start a thread asking the good people to post as many pics as possible of their same model guitars to stoke the fires of impatience.
Funny thing is, not many people have this prs with this burst. Found one pic on google from 2010 lol
Ah, but you can ask everyone to post theirs to see all the different colours etc before you post your own.
Have not even received my 408 yet, but I am already thinking about what the next one will be.
I have enough full size guitars, maybe that new little Vox that has the built in drum and instrument rhythm to jam along with.
I could bring that to work with me and play around with it before work.
I have that little Fernandes guitar with built in speaker, but the Vox would be cooler.
I practiced the riffs I would be trying at the un-boxing ;).

In all honesty though, I ended up spending ALOT of time on the boards looking at others really cool guitars dreaming.
The best cure by far is buying a different in-stock PRS to play while you're waiting for the other one. Works for me every time, with the minor caveat being that it gets kinda expensive. ; - )
I'm a believer in, good things come to whom wait. I think it'll be we'll worth it. I went to my local shop today and they asked me why I didn't come to the big sale. My answer, I have everything I need right now. Marshall...check....Saxon cabinet...check....tc electronics pedals...check...prs ce 22 and se 24 ...check. Orange amp..check. Lol....,,hurry up prs , I need it bad lol....it's not want anymore, it's need lol .

I was however looking for a good but reasonably priced classical acoustic . I want to start taking classical lessons, something I've always wanted to do ....