What's your giggin' rig?

I have a K&K pure mini passive mounted in my Huss & Dalton CM and I run it through a little K&K preamp, then into the mixer. All I need and the tone is killer. I have a Crate Gunnison amp that I used to use, but it's just collecting dust now. I have Martin D-28 with baggs active iBeam installed. Got that when they first came out and ran it through a Baggs ParaDI. While that box was intriguing and could get pretty good tones at low volume, it was much more difficult to get it dialed in when I played in louder situations. Overall, I just think the ParaDI is too complicated. It is a nice box with lots of possibilities, if you have the patience for it. Unfortunately, mine got fried one day. Completely my fault. I just mic the Martin now with an SM-81, because the iBeam just doesn't do it for me. The K&K spoiled me. One day I will have the Martin equipped with one.
Bet that sounds almost as good, and almost as "acoustic" as a nice new Taylor or PRS acoustic! :D

That's your acoustic rig?

My bad I didn't realize this thread was meant for just acoustic but my thought has always been if you're going play play it loud
Have three Carvin (now Kiesel) guitars and 2 PRS SE Cu22 models that all get regular rotation. Use Carvin V3m amps through a slant 212 loaded with V30s. Also have a PRS Archon 50 combo that I'll gig with as well (haven't yet, but should be soon) that I'm running through a Peavey 212 loaded with Greenbacks on the bottome (a 3x12 if you will). Haven't had the Archon that long but really digging it.