What's Your Favourite Color on your PRS', Pics Welcome

I'd love a PRS with Celtic Knots and its the only alternative to Birds as individual fret markers (the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 etc) I would want.
PRS has actually stopped doing celtic knots for now, but they have other equally beautiful knot inlays going by names like “Diamond Knots”. Of course, there’s technically no end to these designs and it all goes as far as demand and supply takes it. As long as a competent or gifted artist designs them, you can be sure they’ll turn out beautiful!

But for what it’s worth, you can see how intricate these knot inlays really are and how many tiny thin pieces go into the inlaying. Really fantastic work. The second pic is my all-in favorite inlay ever, due to the way the 3 different materials blend in together.
I am kind of partial to a charcoal purple burst these days.

I do like the look of this but I think of the Holcombe Burst when I see it.

Its not the only PRS that I sometimes confuse with another. Burnt Maple and Charcoal Cherry burst can look incredibly similar. Some Burnt Maple do look more 'brown' around the outside but some look very Red too so I sometimes wonder if the Store has labelled it incorrectly - that the Burnt Maple should of been listed as a Charcoal Cherry...
Currently, this one, image captured originally reclining on a sofa, edited with Pixelmator, outline traced and copy/pasted to the wood grain background. Use of Apple Photo editing software for improved definition, noise-reduction and vignette scenes. (My hand was remarkably steadier these past few tries, so the result is improved image editing)