What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

  • Pattern or Wide Fat

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • Pattern Vintage

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • Pattern Regular or Regular

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • Patter Thin or Wide Thin

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 8.5%
  • Indifferent

    Votes: 4 8.5%
  • Changes from day to day

    Votes: 2 4.3%

  • Total voters
I've grown allergic to the W/F over the years, interesting how that was the tone thing for so long, and so much of what you see in the 2nd hand market is W/F, at least when it comes to core.

When I picked up my 408 (which I recently sold) it had a thin neck and I automatically fell for it, so much that I had my HB recarved at the PTC to thin. I also recarved the neck on my HB sglcut myself to as close to PRS thin as I could, although the curve is a little different. It might be close to pattern regular though, feels kinda Gibson-like to me, came out well for a home spun job.

I know PRSh always touted fat neck for fat tone, etc. but for me, I've heard no difference. I'll put up with pattern, they feel pretty good too, but thin is where it's at for me.
Santana is my fave now. I love that guitar. Had a DGT, and it's a close second. But, played a few JMSSs and that is a fantastic neck, very close to my AV65 RI. Gassing for one, but doesn't make a lot of sense since I have the 65, but, you know....

I am very comfy with the WF/Pattern too.
I wanted a pattern thin, and my custom 24 was advertised as such, however it turns out it’s actually pattern regular and I love it. It feels just right to me.
I wanted a pattern thin, and my custom 24 was advertised as such, however it turns out it’s actually pattern regular and I love it. It feels just right to me.

That's super cool. I initially assumed the Pattern Thin would be my favorite, as I was coming from LPs and SGs with slim tapered necks. To my surprise, the one I fell in love with was the Pattern, which is noticeably chunkier than both Pattern Thin and Gibson's slim tapered.
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Is there a difference between pattern and pattern regular?

There is. The Pattern is slightly deeper at the nut and the fretboard is ever so slightly wider. I also thing the geometry is slightly different. I feel like the Pattern Regular have slightly more pronounced shoulders, while the Pattern tapers off towards the edges a bit less gradual. Because of the aforementioned geometric differences, I don't feel the chunkiness of the Pattern as much as I feel with the Pattern Regular. However, I have no official source regarding the geometry, so I'm merely stating my experience with these necks. I cannot reject the possibility that this "geometric" difference is not a result of an actual difference in shape itself, but entirely a function of the fretboard width. It's almost like the Pattern shape resembles a Medium V shape, whereas the Pattern Regular is more in line with the more traditional C shape. Regardless, of the source of the minor differences, the Pattern feel better to me than the Patter Regular. With that said, both those carves are extremely comfortable and just a joy to play.

The specs bellow are copied directly from the PRS support page*** (https://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/support/article/neck_profiles):**


Pattern, Wide Fat - 1 11/16” = 1 22/32"*​

Pattern Thin, Wide Thin - 1 11/16”

Pattern Regular, Regular - 1 21/32”

Pattern Vintage - 1 11/16”

JM – 1 21/32”

12 String - 1 47/64”​


Pattern, Wide Fat - 2 1/4”

Pattern Thin, Wide Thin - 2 1/4”

Pattern Regular, Regular - 2 1/4”

Pattern Vintage - 2 1/4”

JM – 2 7/32”

12 String - 2 19/64”​


Pattern, Wide Fat - 28/32”

Pattern Thin, Wide Thin - 26/32”

Pattern Regular, Regular - 27/32”

Pattern Vintage - 57/64” = 28.5/23"

JM – 53/64”

12 String - 27/32”​

* Re-expressed the dimension for ease of comparison (22/32 = 11/16, and 57/64 = 28.5/32).
** Summary of differences: Pattern is 1/32" wider at the nut relative to Pattern Regular. Pattern is 1/32" deeper at the nut relative to Pattern Regular. Width at the body are the same.
*** Note: There is a picture floating around from reliable sources that state the Pattern Depth at the nut at 27/32", which is equal to the depth at the nut of the Pattern Regular spec. Clearly one of the two sources have a small typo. I, however, am not certain which source is correct, i.e. typo free. The reason for that is that I notice the depth of the neck less between the Pattern Regular and Pattern compared to the Pattern Thin, which cording to the PRS support page are both 1/32" apart. Also, I noticed the difference between the Pattern and Pattern vintage (0.5/32" according to the support page) more than the supposedly 1/32" difference between the Pattern and Pattern Regular.
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Pattern Regular is one of the best Neck´s for me I´ve ever played. I knew it instantly, when I held my Mc Carty for the first time in my Hands. But every Hand ist different...:)