What's your Deal breaker?


I will not, under any circumstances, trade anything of value for a "Daisey Rock", period. There, I said it.

Actually the answer is many things.

cost is a biggie - there are guitars I would love to have and will probably never get to hold, much less afford.

feel - it does have to feel right in my hands.

color/finish - PRS has spoiled me - if there are defects in the materials or finish from the manufacturer, I'm likely to pass.

style - I'm just not a pointy guitar guy - that includes even iconic shapes like the flying V - cool four you - but I'd feel like a poser playing one. The 3Mike7 I have on order is going to be a stretch (mentally and physically) for me
My rough list of deal breakers for PRS fiddles -
Wide Thin
Middle Pick Up
Blade Switch
Painted backs - opaque or trans - when there is a separate top wood. Don't paint the back of a Modern Eagle blue just because the top is stained blue.
As far as guitars go, I'm not a big fan of black finishes. Smudges and fingerprints drive me crazy, so I've never owned an all black instrument. Otherwise, poor or rude service turns me off immediately. I don't care if it's the deal of the century; if the sales staff doesn't cut it then my money stays with me. I don't expect them to bow and kiss my feet, but I want to be treated with respect and courtesy and zero BS.

Lloyd/Goldtop/Queen of Clubs