What's the shortest & longest time you've owned a guitar?

Clint, that's hilarious!


I actually sent this pic to one of my youngest daughter's former boyfriends. It was done as a joke, but I noticed he didn't seem to come around much after that... Go figure...

Oh, and I had shown him one of my Garands, as well. Think that might have had anything to do with it?

Longest.......45 years and counting:
1967 Gibson ES 335 TD (with Factory Bigsby). Bought this one brand new at Chuck' s in 1967, when Chuck Levin had his shop on "H" Street in Washington, D.C. (just a few months before his store was torched during the race riots in 1968!)

Shortest.....7 days (and counting):
2012 Gibson SG Special 70's Tribute. Got this one exactly 1 week ago today!
Longest: Ibanez Roadster II at 27yrs old. Played the thing to death. First real guitar for me. Suprisingly the frets are still fine, works like a charm. Heck I've got a two year old Ovation who's frets are worse off then that Ibanez.
Shortest. WelI have never sold anything. I keep them all. They all got a story, but I do have another Ibanez from 1990, EX Series, that I just can't stand and knew it within weeks. It has sat unplayed for 22 years. Not sure why I never bonded with it.

I agree that it takes time to know a guitar. Some you know right away, some you don't. Believe it or not my first PRS and only PRS it actually took a few weeks before I was %100 in love with it. It was like it had to break in a bit.
Shortest = Les Paul R6. It just had too many problems out of the factory!

Longest = ~15 years, Fender Stratocaster Deluxe
15 years - 97 Fender Telecaster my first electric.
8 years - PRS Ce24

I must be the worst customer for guitar gear ever!
2012 PRS Tremonti - 1 week
1983 American Std Strat - 26 years

I thought each of them would be the last guitar I ever wanted. At least now I can admit the GAS never stops.
Shortest a couple of days - 52 Tele Reissue - didn't like the neck....

Longest 35 plus years for a Yamaha Acoustic that was given to me as a kid. I have a LP Custom that I bought for myself when I got out of school that I've had for 25 years! :D
Longest 20 years: USA BC Rich Gunslinger 89 NAMM Guitar
Shortest 25 seconds to 15 mins : MA Pete's WL Ted. Open the case for the first time and was totally bummed by the color ( It have a more yellow tint in the pics ) that was the first 25 seconds and with in the first 15 mins I had already traded it.
I literally owned a guitar for a day. It was a SX strat. Bought it, got it home, hated it, listed it and sold it. Longest would have to be my PRS SCT sitting somewhere around the four year mark. Let's just say she's a keeper.
I've never parted with one short of six months. If we don't bond by that point, it ain't gonna happen...
30 days is shortest I think(LP that I returned).
'96 CU22 is the oldest.
Back when Mars Music was still open I bought a Godin guitar. I've always played with low tunings, and back then I used to tune to Standard A in the band I was in. The guitar sounded great in standard E clean and distorted, but they would not let me tune the guitar down to see how it sounded, so I had to buy the stupid thing. It lasted two days. I wouldn't have brought it back sooner but I hadn't been driving long and didn't know how to get there on my own :p
The longest I've owned a guitar was probably my old Gibson Flying V Hendrix Edition that I sold last year. I bought it in late '97 from Sam Ash. They accidentally mismarked it so I got it at a real steal and an employee got into a ton of trouble.
I have brought guitars home that i loved in the store only to return them within hours. On the flip side, I still have my late 80's Squier Strat that I bought in 1989.
3 days...fender MIM strat ...always been a gibson guy, but picked up my PRS the other day and love it. First guitar beside a gibson that Ive loved. Just wish my PRS didnt have the trem...But i can live with it B-).

Longest is my 89 Les Paul Custom ...5 years, I'll never sell it