What's Coming in 2021?

How about a ‘loyalty’ system instead?

I have long advocated for a Ferrari-style program for the truly exclusive guitars.
What is the "Ferrari program?"

My brother used to be service manager of an Aston Martin dealer. The things they did for their clients were unreal...
On the topic of what I would love to see by PRS in 2021, I would love to see an SE McCarty. It would be the double-cut body shape, with the thicker back (ala SE 245). 22 fret mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard; and I would prefer a wide-thin neck carve, but if not that, than a pattern regular neck carve. The bridge would be the same wrap-around stop-tail bridge that's on the SE Paul's guitar. For electronics, either 57/08 "S" pickups, or 58/15 LT "S" pickups (covered); one volume and one tone knob (with coil split), and a three way toggle. Standard SE tuners (so that they can be retrofitted with SE locking tuners if desired), and binding on the body. For colors, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst (with an actual teardrop-type burst), Fire Mist Red, and Faded Whale Blue.

I think it would sell like hotcakes.

The Kid

edit: It would be cool to have this in both an SE (with mahogany back/maple top) and SE Standard (all mahogany) versions. Also, perhaps have the option of abalone moon (or dot) inlays on the SE version.
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Any rumors of DGT changes for 2021? About to order a 2020 gold top, but not sure if I should wait given the upcoming announcements?
Pure speculation (ok maybe just pure internal desire): something in the S2 line with a maple fretboard.