What will happen to the precious guitars after you kick the bucket?

My Plan is to have them entombed in the Hole with me, along with my '91Toyota MR2 Turbo (where I'll be sitting inside) ,and my O Gauge model trains ...Reinforced concrete, and then have all those with knowledge of the "Hole" ... bumped off , as per the Pharaohs ......
This topic did enter my mind recently. Short answer is my son will get my guitars. If he isn’t interested, they’ll be sold through some of the dealers I’ve worked with. So, if you guys want dibs, you need to let me know! FYI, there is a long list for the Koa Sister, and my wife has already set a high price on it! :D

I had to go to the ER the Friday before Thanksgiving with several symptoms of having a heart attack. After multiple tests and scans, I was diagnosed with Pericardial Effusion. Just got my results today from a follow up Echocardiogram confirming the fluid buildup has gone and the underlying Pericarditis should go away over the next several weeks. Huge sigh of relief! Nothing like reading the X Ray notes saying you have an enlarged heart and a partially collapsed left lung while waiting for the more detailed CT scan! I’ve never had any heart / lung issues before, and my blood pressure has always been in the ‘good’ range my whole life. So, 2 ER visits in the last 6 months with highly unusual situations for me. I hear 2022 is when good things happen. Gotta say this decade is off to a lousy start, though YMMV! :)
In the case where they’re sold, I’ve made a list to guide the rest of the family how much these things are worth. Two problems though:
- The prices are hopelessly optimistic
- One family member in particular will kill me upon seeing those prices, so it really defeats the purpose
At the rate inflation is going, your prices may not be as hopeless as you think! :D
Wouldn't getting crushed be pretty quick though? I think it would be far worse to be pinned by the fallen port-o-john, especially if it was fractured in the fall causing it to slowly spill its contents. Aside from the obvious, uh, crappiness of the situation, as you struggled to get air into your lungs, it would be that kind of air all around you.

I think the best way to go would be to get shot by a jealous supermodel's husband. The worst would be to get shot by the supermodel's husband and boyfriend, because I assume I'd have to listen to them argue about who gets to pull the trigger, while the supermodel sits there emotionlessly instead of tearfully begging for my life because "I have a shoot in the morning, and crying will give me bags under my eyes". Can't respect someone who doesn't have a work-life balance.

That's pretty well thought out. Actually, let me correct my punctuation. That's pretty... , well, thought out...
FYI, there is a long list for the Koa Sister, and my wife has already set a high price on it! :D
If any of you guys have not seen a Koa Sister, I highly recommend you consult with Paul. My sister would not look half as good if she was a furry Marsupial, and I have no sister.
I'm going go guess that Mrs Aahzz and/or the kids will sell them, none of them play. They might get given to a friend that plays.

I mentioned the existence of this thread to Mrs Aahzz last night, and as soon as I told her the thread title she smirked and said "they're getting sold!". Given that she's an Ebay seller into decluttering, it's exactly what I expected.