What started it all?

Dec 14, 2015
Mine was a McCarty.

I was a Les Paul guy who was was in the market for a "modern" guitar. I wanted 24 frets, high output humbuckers and a trem. While looking for a Custom 24 I picked up a McCarty as I ran the racks. I really liked the guitar, but put it back because it (22 frets, vintage output and a hard tail) wasn't what I was looking for.

I went back to the store the next day to play some more guitars and I found myself comparing every other guitar to the McCarty. I still didn't want it because it was the wrong guitar, but once I realized what I was doing I decided there must be something about this guitar if it's my comparison point for everything else on the rack... so I bought it.

That McCarty has become my main guitar. They say you can't buy talent, but this guitar sure challenges that notion.


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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
If you meant an old guitar on Reverb, John Mann is selling his handmade pre everything Santana for the sun, the moon, Dolly Parton, and your firstborn child. :D

Yep, meant old guitar. I was thinking of doing a birth year guitar, but I'm not dropping tons on a 67 Strat, and I'm not in love with 335s. I'd do John's, but I don't think he'd take a fluorescent sun lamp, sleeping mask, man-boobs, and the ashes of our first dog. That's as close as i get to "the sun, the moon, Dolly, and firstborn." :D

I did miss a text from a Sergio last night trying to tempt me into something. I had my eyes on something else though, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend. Replied this morning, had a little back and forth text fest. Next thing I know, it's 5:17 AM and I'm right clicking on Reverb! Happy Birthday to me! Santana-fest is getting bigger!


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Sep 16, 2013
Dublin, OH
2000, I was at a jam at a friend's place near Cincinnati, and a couple guys showed up with McCarties. One of them had a McCarty with a rosewood neck, which was positively intoxicating to play. Sadly, he wouldn't let me abscond with it.

Fast forward to 2003. I went to the local Guitar Denter, er I mean Guitar Center, to try out the then-new Line 6 HD147. (It was the early 2000s. Mistakes were made.) The salescritter asked me what guitar I wanted to use to try the amp, and on a whim, I pointed to a gray-black Singlecut on the wall and said "that one". I ended up buying the guitar rather than the amp. I still have it, BTW.


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Sep 6, 2014
Detroit, MI
My PRS Story.
My introduction to the PRS World was a Craigslist ad around November 2014. I was just browsing the ads out of boredom, not even in the mindset of buying anything and then I came upon an ad by a fellow that was selling a custom painted 2012 PRS DGT and a Fender Telecaster ThinLine with a couple of Fender Twin amps and assorted pedals. In the description about the guitar, he explained that he had suffered a bad stroke recently and was unable to play his guitars anymore. When I saw one of the pictures featured in the ad (it was a shot of him playing it onstage with the late, great Johnny Winter), my G.A.S. immediately kicked in big time and I made arrangements to check out this guitar for myself because it almost seemed too good to be true. So long story short, I played it, saw that it was the real deal, went and damn near cleaned out my bank account (the Mrs. is still grumbling about that one) and this blue-jean burst beauty was mine. I honestly felt horrible for the poor guy that had to let her go and I could tell by the sadness in his eyes while I strummed her at his place that he really didn't want to part with her but when he explained that because of his condition as well as the enormous medical bills that he wanted her to be played and not displayed, my guilt was trumped by my instant love for this guitar. Since then, she's been onstage with me many times and played every day at home



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Apr 28, 2013
Washington, DC
I had played a Les Paul for years, but it had stayed in the case for 20. 2 fret jobs later, it still wouldn`t stay in tune, so the great search began. I had settled on a different brand, and then saw an SE Singlecut with 2-P90`s for a stupid price. I needed a guitar to get banged up in an orchestra pit. It was nearby, so I could also afford shipping, free if you picked it up. I had just sold my desert island archtop to pay the mortgage in the middle of a nasty divorce. I played a musical called " Once Upon an island", and the director kept coming over and saying "Dude, that guitar sounds awesome!" Still have an SE P-90 Singlecut. And 10 other PRSi.

Lee B.

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Jul 22, 2016
Thanks for the Winwood, Lee!

I've always loved that tune.
Me too! Pity that Blind Faith barely lasted long enough to put six songs on a record and sit through a photo shoot. I guess if they had lasted, though, we never would have gotten Derek and the Dominos or the Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.


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Apr 28, 2012
Early-mid 90's...saw a display of customs. '95 I ordered a custom 22 in whale blue.
Yes, I'm going to quote myself...mostly because I'm shocked at how vague I am here. :D Must've been a busy day!
Was at a music store with my pops in the early 90's. A usual stop for us. We walked in to a platform display in the showroom with several unfamiliar guitars on it. All with amazing maple tops(before the rest of the guitar industry began trying to follow suit). It was the bird inlays that really stood out and set them apart, aside from the beautiful woods, though. I didn't play one for some time though as they were way more expensive than I could've dreamed of. Guessing I was 13-14 at the time? Pretty much got one on order right away when I was outta school and had a job. Sold all my vintage Star Wars toys to make the purchase.