What other hobbies do you have?


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May 4, 2012
We all love PRS guitars but what other hobbies do you guys have? Cars, bikes, kite flying? I like restoring old muscle cars, collecting and repairing antiques, and woodworking in my shop. Show us what you love, here's a couple pics of my cars and some furniture that I've built.




I love snowboarding I don't get away too much just now as I moved another 90miles away from Ben Nevis after being an hour away for years.
Me and the better half go exploring around the historic places around Argyll but that will get a bit more interesting with her being pregnant and old worn out stone stairways in castles!
I like detailing cars, watching films, computer games and I actually enjoy the "work" part of my job (automotive glazing technician)
I stay next to a popular surfing spot and I have still not tried it yet so that is on the list for this year, I want to build a guitar for myself too.

I need to dig out some pictures
Not much besides family, the band, and football. I go most WI Badger home games. Getting tired of losing the Rose Bowl though. I went out 2 years ago.
Cycling is my other passion. I do it year round whether it's below freezing or in triple digit temps.
That's some amazing work!

Thanks, I made these from a book printed in the `40s. The author took detailed measurements of the originals that were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in N.Y. . I use all old joinery, hide glues, and no nails in construction. The dower chest wasn't much in construction but the folk style painting took me about two weeks. I had to create large transfers and pencil everything on and then paint. The corner cabinet was one of three that I've made, two in walnut and this one in maple.
Cycling is my other passion. I do it year round whether it's below freezing or in triple digit temps.

Likewise, though I don't go out much below freezing - how much below depends on how sunny it is.
And I don't care how hot it gets.

I also like motorcycles and have been on quite a few of the eastern tracks - I especially like Watkins Glen, VIR and Barber.

And when the snow comes, I'll switch two wheels for a pair of skis.
I used to be into cars, but got tired of sinking money into them. It came down to cars or guitars. That's an obvious choice. ;)

Been into various forms of fitness off and on: Soccer, running (until my knees rebelled), and most recently I took up cycling this summer. REALLY enjoying cycling. Was also in to cross training during my running days, and slowly picking it back up now to cross train for the bike.

Other than that, I enjoy anything musical, reading, some TV.
Shooting sports, love cars, fantasy gaming (pen and paper and online... prefer old-school pen and paper), film (especially scifi and foreign films), cooking
Little British cars... you guys know I have a Triumph, and that requires a little maintance here and there. :)

Photography, as well. I shoot Canon gear (5D Mark 2), with Alien Bees studio lighting, etc..

I also used to collect Kriegsmarine items from WW2. Spicifically, I was focuing on U-Boat stuff.... I have sold off most of my collection, due to too many a-holes and fakes in the hobby, but still have quite a bit of things left.

Oh, and I cant believe I forgot this... Genealogy. I am kind of a genealogy nut. I love playing detective, and putting the story together.
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Photography. Lots of reading. Used to write, but haven't found time lately. Referee soccer, but I hesitate to call that a hobby because I get paid - or as I like to put it, I get paid to yell at little kids.