What New Models Would You Like To See Next?

I was gonna start listing a bunch of stuff. Then I realized I just want more private stocks.
More stuff with 24 frets.

I'd love it if the SE Santana were closer to the original specs.
Mira with a trem.
S2 CU24 semi.
SE CU24 semi.
West Street Not-So-Limited.
S2 Santana.
S2 acoustics
S2 Singlecut Archtop

(not that I'd really prefer them in S2 rather than Core ... it's just a matter of price :-( )
I would love a core line 7 string CU24 and a CE24 with a flatter radius. IMO, the CE model is super underrated and a total sleeper for PRS for metal guys. Super snappy tones with more attack than a CU.
McCarty thickness, 85/15's, flame maple neck, rw board, w/f neck carve, two-piece tailpiece, and I really don't care how many knobs as long as it splits ... ok, no rotary.

Hmmm, that wasn't so hard..