What is your next PRS and why?

MEV. I’m actually down to only a P22 and it’s a really warm guitar IMO so I’m hoping the swamp ash wood library MEV I have on preorder will be different enough to warrant keeping. I would have my eye on a 594 instead, but every time I play my P22 into headphones next to demos of the 594 it really doesn’t sound different enough to warrant getting one :flame suit on:
Maybe this, and I do not really want a 509. It is just so gnarly! Somebody please buy it so I do not have to. My peeps at C&M are making life hard for me.! I must have looked at it 20 times already and held it for a little while even. I really want a wood library SC 594 soap bar.
Not in the cards for me, but I’d like to get my mitts on either:

One of Brian’s Wood Library Beach Fade SSH

That sweet PS Koa MEV from PS the Movie,

or if Pernie is back on the menu, a new PS 594 Trem with piezo! :D
I’ve been eyeing the sc594s. Just read all of Shawn’s build thread and that only fueled my GAS even more. It’s a Les Paul without all the problems and extra bonuses as well. I played Gibson for years before I switched to Teles and added a 513 to the lineup and was blown away. A short scale vintage inspired guitar would make a fine addition. Now to decide if I want a hollow body and what grade top. So many beautiful options out there!!
I have a SE Custom Semi-Hollow body w/stop tail bridge on the way. I'm also about to pull the trigger on a SE Hollowbody II Piezo. The plan is to keep the one I like best and sell the other.

Kinda sucks to have to do it this way, but there are no brick and mortar stores around here that have any decent selection of PRS guitars in stock.

Nice thing is they are both very different guitars. If it was HB and HBII that would be worse. My fear (or blessing) would be keeping both!
If I can swing the cash, a DGT. Next tier down would be maybe a Fiore or Silver Sky. If I’m on a stricter budget, either an S2 594 or Vela. I want to play some Am Pro II Strats too because, well, I love Strats. I really want another Duo Jet too. I have no idea.
If I can find one... SVN, Axe Palace exclusive, in blue/grey. Gonna be a tough find since there were so few made and some don't have the best tops. But I'm ready to make the dive into the 7-string world and those are some great looking ones. Played a Holcomb SVN which is similar, but man I don't like those finishes lol.
I know which one is my next (only because it’s already been ordered), question now is which one I’ll get after that one? However, I’m slowly starting to realize the question is really in which order to get them, not so much which ones to get.:p

Next one is a PG so I suppose I’ll start looking for a DGT or a Santana soon.
I'm just about done buying PRS guitars. The spectrum of tonal possibilities is well covered by my current line-up. It certainly exceeds my capabilities as a player. It's rare that a guitar piques my interest anymore. Still, I know there are at least 3 more coming at some point.

1) I would still like to have something in a bright, happy, hue of purple. Silly but true.
2) I'm missing a few historically important models (like a BRW Singlecut).
3) I'd like to have one of the 80 (or so) pre-factory guitars in my collection. I came close a few weeks ago but someone beat me to it.
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