What is your next PRS and why?

Old thread but interesting
I ghuess I'm a little different in that there are a bunch of PRS I would love to play but I'm not a collector.
I have 3: 2001 Santana III. 2006 McCarty, SE Hollowbody Standard.
All great but it feels like too many. I mostly play the Santana and the other 2 tell me they feel neglected - what would I do with more?

All of this leads up to.....

When the right West Street Limited comes along (Like maybe Bodia's Red one) - I'll be all over it. Go Figure
I got a heavily modded 2004 SE Cherry Red soapbar II just before Christmas (Tonerider humbucker at the bridge and a black scratch plate fitted)... it was my first foray in PRS ! I was stunned at the quality and playability and sound but slightly miffed at the mods. Even if I restored it, there would be screw holes all over it. Then just after Christmas I got a deal on beautiful 2018 Bernie Marsden in deep cherry (only 100 made for Europe), again a stunning guitar , again both pups replaced with Tonerider TRH2 (trade off is single coil tap for no tone function)...but there at least it came with the original pups in the gig bag (jury is out whether or not to put them back in)..Sooo Jonesing and looking around I found a 2005 Soapbar II maple in green in the UK and have decided to buy that and compare and contrast with the other soapbar ...Either the first soapbar goes, the second get flipped, or the '78 Ibanez MC300 moves on and I have 3 SE's on the wall...I'll post some pics when I'm allowed...

Would love to see the Bernie......Just picked up mine around the same time....awesome Gtr so far but I haven't op'd out for new pups yet......
Well this month is my two year anniversary since I started playing. I’ve had a good run so far. In order of acquisition: 24-08, Paul’s guitar, 594, Westie, se hbII for the PRSi. I also picked up some Fenders and a SG. I’m done for awhile until I get the Bronco I reserved in July 2020.

I’ve been taking lessons weekly and play everyday day. I have a ton of respect for those that play live. This is a humbling journey!
Don’t rule out the humble NF3. Probably the greatest overall guitar ever!
Thanks, while I can’t comment having never played a NF3 I believe your assessment. For me the greatest guitar ever built was and is The Custom 24. I pretty much base all my various guitar choices off that formula. Yes I do own a Strat and Tele but basically for me it’s a mahogany set neck guitar with a mahogany neck and rosewood or ebony fretboard just my personal fave. I do have a recent CE-24 with of course is a bolt on maple neck and that’s about as far as I want to stretch that experiment. Love the guitar and it’s sonic offerings btw. I know the guy’s & gals that own SS, NF3 and Fiore’s love them and to me that speaks for the dedication of Paul and company for there dedication to the guitar building craft. Oh and I need to learn how to spell narrowfield correctly lol. Thanks Ken
At this point I'm pretty happy with what I got but I find myself looking at a lot of Santana's lol. If I ever had enough money for Private Stock It'd be a Quilted Fire Red Burst type with three single coils (for the hell of it) and a push/pull pot for to activate the neck pickup (bridge - neck position 5 and bridge - middle - neck position 4). Only two pots, one volume and tone. 25" scale, 24 frets, satin flamed maple Santana neck, satin flamed maple 10" Radius fretboard, and stainless steel frets.
I'd like an SE Pauls's guitar (preferably fire red - impossible to find) with the flame nicely lined up and a stained back where you can't tell how many pieces of wood were used. Fire red must have been extremely popular because they rarely show up used.
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