What is your favorite amp?


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Apr 6, 2022
Well, I guess tomorrow came around..... the last rotation (two months ago) brought out my Two Rock Akoya, which is so easy to get a great sound out of, and at almost any setting.

I've also just got the Coliseum MkIIB out, and fired that up this morning, for the first time in over six months.

On the basis that nothing succeeds like excess - the plan for tomorrow is to try running the Akoya loaded down by Suhr RL, and then into the IIB's loop return. I could also try it straight into the front of the Coli; I gather a fair number use their RL output straight into the front of another amp, so that's got to be worth a go. There's also stereo to consider, though keeping the volume down might prove tough.

Sobeit: cue evil laughter.