What is the best color for a PRS?


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Oct 15, 2012
Hey guys!
I am good friends with Paul and am lucky enough that he is makeing me a guitar. My problem is that there are way to many colors to chose from and I need some sugestions.
I have a cherry red costom 24 SE so preferebly not red, but any suggestions would be great!

Thanks, Joe :biggrin:
Everyone knows that RED guitars sound the best. Stay the course. :D

Of course, if you have your pick from the man behind the curtain, Tiger Eye is always killer.

Which model are you getting and what is the wood selection? Quilt? Flame? All Mahogany?
How cool for you! Congrats!

My favourite PRS colours would be Faded Blue Jean, Yellow Tiger, Rainforest, Pomegranate and Jade Glow. search this forum for MA Pete's threads, he has an awesome guitar in that colour. Also, Twinfan has one of my all time favourite PRS guitars in Rainforest.

Some of these finishes are Private Stock, but that's lilely not a problem if it's built especially for you.

Good luck with the colour choice!

Edit: i assumed a maple top to go with the above colours :)
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right now my favorites are Charcoal Burst (the pick up rings must be black) and black gold if you are going to a classic vibe. but I love the Eriza Verde Smokeburst and the Face Green.
That might be the hardest question of all ... whichever one you like best? (or better yet, one in each color you like) .... :dontknow:
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Everyone knows that RED guitars sound the best. Stay the course. :D

This is a scientific fact, then comes gold, then white... blue is last.
Don't screw with mother nature!



Au naturale!
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pomegranate FTW!

If not a burst, then the often overlooked Tortoise Shell. Looks especially regal on tops with a nice tight flame.
I love my Goldtop - had wanted a PRS in that finish for a number of years and finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago.

BUT I would love to add something in Charcoal Burst. Been a huge fan of that finish since it was introduced.