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What is on your pedal board

Probably going to build and revise mine and have a second board.
The fender likes different things than the marshalls

having fun with my new jetter Grissom pedal and a borrowed Greer southland
Using the Disaster Area DMC3 to change programs, can do one or other or both. It can also control the looper on the Timeline, I have not used this feature.

The DPC4EZ looper also has MIDI but I have to head scratch as to how I would use that. I have to take a bit more time to sync the programs as presets. I use the looper in manual mode.

It's pretty flexible, I have the two Strymon pedals running off separately on loops 2 and 4, so I can switch off the effect I do not wish to use, or change the programs individually by the MIDI. Syncing the programs would make more sense here as the ability to change both midi channels is great but I need to have a better feel on how the programs of the Timeline and Mobius work together. I can sync and Autoswell and Ice delay for a shimmer, then change the delay to a dotted eighth to play a riff and minimal chorus through the Mobius.

Prior to this I had not used MIDI controls and would just add in manually. I would prefer the DA DP5C as the functionality is better again but space is the main issue. The later DMC's (3/4) have LED's for indicating the MIDI channels used so I may upgrade to the Gen 3. I generally like to just record at home but I have used the board for jams and at church. I get some reaction to some thinking it's complicated, it is in the sense that you have to know what is on the four loops. Most think you need to be a brain surgeon to run it, it's only rocket science.

I have seen some of the Morningstar MIDI controllers and am quite impressed.
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I’ve always used a variety when I have a few guitars. The 20th Private Stock Anniversary Ltd (gosh that’s a mouthful) is from 3 years ago, and was issued for the 20th Anni of the PS guitars. It’s my current recording favorite, because it sounds so unusual, but I use the others a ton. For just everyday stuff, I rotate them.

20th Anniversary sorry, there was one for sale in Oz but ZI think it's gone, still a unicorn for me this one.
This is my board. Still getting to know the RJM unit.

This is my board. Still getting to know the RJM unit.


“Hey, there’s a new movie out called ‘God Wired My Pedalboard’. I just went to see it.”

“Yeah? What’s it about?”

“Well, for the first 15 minutes, you see god wiring up a pedalboard the way he intended, and then for 45 minutes, you just stare at the wiring of this pedalboard in awe of the workmanship.”

“And you find that interesting?”

“Fabulous. I take it you don’t play guitar...”