What Is It? - Quattro


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Jun 26, 2012
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This is the fourth edition of What Is It? The first thread is here: The beginning. The second thread is here: part-deux The third thread is here: part-deux-plus-uno

Here's how it works. I post pics of a PRS. I reserve the right to alter the pics by cropping, blurring, distorting, changing colors, etc. I may not tell you if a pic has been altered in any way and cropping and/or masking various parts of a pic which would give you too much info too soon.

Your job is to identify the model, year and color of the guitar. Please don't shotgun your guesses by listing the catalog in your responses. Make intelligent, deductive guesses only, please. Feel free to agree with someone else's guess or strike out on your own.

What in the picture gives you the hint??

I'll post new pics from time to time until the guitar is correctly identified and then we'll start over with another guitar.

There is no prize, just the pleasure of playing if your are inclined...

Round four: