What in the HE!! is this CE??

I would really love one of these……. Wink Jak3af3r

i believe yours is one of the originals………
I have one with a 5 way blade switch. I think it's a 2008 model. The middle in mine is a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rail as far as I know
That is nice. I am not sure I have seen on in a natural finish.

I have a 2006 in a McCarty burst. It is one of my guitars that will never go anywhere. I actually have a list of people that want a phone call if I ever decide to sell it.
The pups have all been switched out to SD's, but the originals are included.
The middle pickup on these was a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rail from the factory. This one possibly has McCarty pickups in it. I can't remember what year they started the SAS pickups.

Mine is a 2006. Mine is the first year for the 5 way switch. I swapped the SAS pickups out for a set of Lindy Fralin Unbuckers and swapped the middle pickup to a Fralin Blues Special. This gave me better 2 and 4 tones on the guitar. I have since put 57/08 pickups in it. I am sure I could put the stock pickups back in it and would like them. I changed them out a while ago. The only reason I changed them was to try to get closer to the real strat sound out of positions 2 and 4, not that it sounded bad, I was just trying to get it as good as it can get.
Yuppers...early SAS's had McCarty PUs in bridge and neck, with Vintage Rails in middle.
Great Guitars, and even better necks!!!!!!! Congrats!!!
The neck on my 06 is one of the chunky wide fat necks that I own. I have two that are a bit thicker than my other wide fats and this is one of them.