What Guitar do I have

So now you all know why I am looking for a replacement bridge. The Luthier wanna-be in me sees this as my first chance to make something better. I do like the feel of this PFakeS better than my Epiphone Gibson
"flat top" Les Paul. RugerPC provided some interesting ideas for me to consider. BTW, in a reply earlier I said I'll strip the back of the headstock to bare wood and refinish it at the next string change. Assuming it remains a playable guitar, any suggestions for what I should write on the headstock? My primary musician community is made up of my Christian friends who play, so I need to keep the new text acceptable. I know it limits the options. Go ahead and keep it within PRS forum acceptable and I'll edit down to useable.

This has been fun for me. Thanks.
What is a shame that someone with a level of skill created an instrument that could have been sold as their own work, rather than trying to be something it’s not, attempting to de-fraud people out of hard earned money!

Hopefully something positive will come of this :)

You could customise it as you want and get a decal with your own name on it. Make it truly your own.
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I'm really sorry that it didn't turn out to be an authentic PRS. I had my fingers crossed for you.
How about...in the spirit of 'wanna buy a 10k private stock for 100bucks?'

"Suckers, there's one 'born again' every minute"


Seriously though, just trash it and try an SE. I have an old skinny SE soapbar1 bastardised with an 58/15 and it rings like a bell. Anything else is pointless. Im suprised the mods have let this thread stay up on an official forum
On serious question, are there any PRS Les Paul shaped solid body guitars? If so what is that model. I don't like the look of the double horn SE, and all the images that I see when I google Pics of PRS show the Les Paul shape with an F style sound hole.