What Guitar do I have


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Mar 5, 2018
I am pretty sure I just got a fake PRS. I swapped some woodshed supplies for it, total value under $100-- It has "Private Stock#(065 8-11-05" and "Sa8784" on the headstock. I can't figure out how to post photos. it is a lime green tiger strip, looks like a Les Paul. It plays fairly well, better than I can play actually, but I like the feel.

Also, I would like to replace the bridge and nut to make it all a little bit better. Any suggestions as to sources.
How cool would it be if it were a real PS though? I really hope you just got the deal of the century.
From the archives: What have I just purchased?

What have I just purchased? I bought this on impulse, and now have to go back and familiarize myself.

Can you help me ID this?

Is a double-cut, 24-fret w/gold hardware. Truss rod cover is gorgeous rosewood, with an Asian symbol inlaid.

Identifying stuff: Back electronics cover reads, "Santana Brazilian LTD #032."

Back of headstock reads:

"Private Stock#(065 8-11-05"

(note "matching" #)
Also, I would like to replace the bridge and nut to make it all a little bit better. Any suggestions as to sources.

Something doesnt add up if this is truely privat stock and he wants to change the nut and bridge after owning it a day?

We need some pictures!
I know, not likely in the extreme, but..... Thanks for the how to post pictures link. I'll work on that later today. At least you all will get the joy of crushing my hope!
I will get no joy from a negative outcome (though meant in jest I suspect). The only joy I would receive would be to learn that all counterfeiters and their product were magically and instantly wiped off the face of the earth. If someone is willing to trade a legit PS for $100 of stuff, that is entirely up to them.
I'm watching this thread because I've got my fingers crossed that you did find a $100 private stock. It gives hope to the rest of us.

That stuff does happen. When rage filled ex GF's and wives start craigslisting their ex BF's belongings. Or, when someone inherits something and has no idea what they have. The best I ever heard was when some guy was able to pick up one of those old Ibanez Petrucci picasso graphic RGs for like $150 on craigslist. Those things are thousands now in good condition.

The best price I ever saw for a PRS private stick was 5k for a brand new CU24 at the big GC liquidation sale a few years back.
Selfishly, most of us will be entertained in either outcome. Truthfully, it's a win, win for us.

buuuuuuuut... if you actually got an unreal deal on a private stock its a win for both you and us. That's definitely the more favorable outcome.