What!!!!!!! Goldie………..DGT!!!! …Nope…..Pics!

Since I have not been workin, rehabbing the shoulder from a delightful surgery that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND :mad: , I happened in to GC during and after Black Friday, I was let know there was a new DGT I could have first crack at. Enablers………

opened it up, smelled that alluring scent,dustless, ding less,Gold. Gorgeous! Visually, playing up and down the neck, ahhhhhhhhhh. Shiva Amp.. :cool:what,I had THAT deer in the headlights look (Jak3af3r knows it…….) they reversed the switches.. what , oh yea… that’s how David likes it and I found the high E string very close to the edge of the neck.. nope, would drive me crazy with memories of a ”Rick” 360 switching. I can switch the switching……..NO.

Now I had been thinking about letting some guitars I do not play and what I may consider for an offering. Then out came another guitar. And it’s one I haven’t had the pleasure of playing. A new Santana…..

I love everything about guitars and it has seemed that in the past I favor solid colors. I appreciate Paul’s vision and access to some of the worlds best woods. I think the most perfect AAAAA flame or quilt an anomaly that has visually been taken for granted. There is so many examples of natural symmetry, what a great era of guitar owning with the availability of these organic beauties! This one is not perfect by any means.. it’s quite individual, and it’s Blue.

Bye LP, I hope you are loved in a family that enjoys tuning, Sparkly Starla may you shine on the greatest of stages, bye..

yea, it’s 6 am, I’m not exited at all. I will take some photos this morning! Now I get the Santana “ thing” And it’s BLUE!

I’m sorry Sybo, what I really wanted to say yesterday was “absolutely bloody amazing dude”, but I was trying to keep my emotions in check, as we became Santana Brothers almost consecutively.

So, so beautiful. Congratulations.