What Forum is the best place to sell PRS guitars?

Shane Logan

New Member
Apr 17, 2020
Hello guys!

I use to use Birds and Moons Forums very often. For some reason this forum does not seem to have a spot to list guitars for general forum members. What is the best place you guys have found to sell and trade your PRS guitars?

The Gear Page has a very active buy/sell/trade board and a lot of PRS enthusiasts over there. I'm sure there are others, but I'd include that. And there's always Reverb...

Yup, TGP and Reverb are probably the highest-volume/most-visible/biggest-market options right now. Ebay still works, but for "nice" guitar gear it really seems to have taken a back-seat to Reverb.

Of course, the real savvy buyers are hitting everything at once--including Guitar Center used site, Craigslist... I probably couldn't name all the places myself.
TGP seems to have two kinds of PRS listings: awesome price that goes in like an hour or lol almost new price that sits for months.

Either way this is gonna be a *tough* time to get full value for an expensive instrument given the global situation.
TGP, especially if you're a supporting member. No fees on your sale!

Reverb works better for me than fleabay, if I don't sell it on The Gear Page.