What exactly is my guitar's model?

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Jun 8, 2013
Hey guys,

I've owned this PRS for over 2 years now...and boy has time flown since then. I've been in love since the first day... hah joking. (Kind of)
Before my American model I had an SE Custom 22 for a few years that I cherished as well.

I bought it in 2011 but it was made in 2009 (according to the tag and the serial number on the headstock). It was labelled "Custom 24" but later realized that it has McCarty-like electronics (according to the switch and knobs etc.),
and generally Custom 24's are shorthanded as CU24, but my hangtag says CM24. I'm aware that usually CU 22/24 have a blade switch, but mine has a push/pull tone knob as well as a 3-way switch, similar to what I've seen on McCarty models.
The guitar didn't have any label or model name printed on the TRC, it was just a blank black. Also, I've looked everywhere, but it seems that McCartys simply have never had 24 frets.

So my question remains: what model is my guitar? A manager of the GC Platinum Room in Seattle told me I had a very special guitar, but I'm not sure what he meant. I'd like to think that I get the best of both worlds by having some sort of hybrid.
I've even tried to contact PRS about it but they didn't respond.
Let me know what you guys think. Her name is Tigress :), and since there was no TRC, I had one custom made for her.

24 frets
Floating Trem
3-way switch
Knobs: Push/pull tone, normal volume
Flame Maple 10-Top
HFS Treble/Vintage Bass pickups (came with the guitar new)

And some pictures to show her off, and also help you guys with identification if possible:

Flame maple headstock veneer with TRC:

In all her glory:

Eagle Hangtag:

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Looks like a Custom 24 to me...
The blade switch is new-ish to the Custom 24.
Beautiful guitar, by the way...
Thanks for the response! And thanks for the compliment. You know you have your dream guitar when it takes your breath away every time you open the case.
I've always called it a Custom 24 to be safe, but there's always those little details that I mentioned above that make me wonder...kinda just wanted to close the book on it and put that thing to rest.
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The Standard neck, flame maple headstock veneer and "CM24" makes me wonder if it's something different from a typical CU24.

Do you have the MODCAT number? Usually on the paperwork, the case or under one of the pickups. Long string of letters and numbers. That may shed some more light...
Hmm don't mind me, I did some googling and standard is a common neck carve on CU24s, I thought they were all wide thin. Learn something new...
No problem :)
I looked through my case and the only thing that I have with info is the eagle hang tag. Couldn't find any MODCAT number.

*Edit: The forum administrator/moderator needing to "okay" a post is giving me a headache. I edited a little error in my original post and now it's hidden until one of em looks at it. I believe it's because it has pictures so they have to affirm that it's appropriate or something, but it doesn't help those that may come along this post. Hehe now they can't see all the info and pictures I posted about the guitar.
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What happened to the very first post?
I see Hopeful Sinners post as #1, but no picture in a post before that?

Have seen this happen here before, very strange.

Ooops, never mind, got my answer above about post needing approval.
Beautiful guitar! The flame maple headstock veneer is unusual, and pretty darn nice, which leads me to believe that it's one of a limited run of CU24s done for GC around that time.
They will do special limited runs for certain things. This appears to be one of those. What it is exactly, I don't know. :laugh:
The modcat # is also under the bridge pickup in the cavity, if the sticker isn't on the end of the case anymore.
Is the body custom thickness or McCarty thick? Beautiful guitar, whatever it is.
Hey guys thanks for all the compliments. In response to justmund, I believe I found the MODCAT # on the end of the guitar case like you said.
Here's the code that appears after the serial number: CMM4FTHSIIT_MT_NH-V3

^^@vchizzle I think it's Custom thickness but I'm not too sure. It gets decently thin in areas. I've read that the McCarty is a tad thicker,
but without a comparison to reference I'm out of luck on getting you a solid answer :)
Well the first 2 letters "CM" point to it being different from a Custom (which would be "CU").

Can you post a pic of the output jack? That's the easiest way to see the body thickness. Or you could just measure it at a certain point :)
Grabbed a tape measure real quick, and I got 1.5" from the top of the output jack plate to the bottom of the mahogany body. It's a little bit more if you measure from the guitar's maple top edge. Maybe a couple extra eighths.

*Edit: I just found a website with a MODCAT decoder, basically just a key for each letter or digit in it. It accurately describes my guitar to the T...but there's nothing on there for a CM. That CM appears both on my modcat and also on the hang tag. :iamconfused:
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My CU22 soapy is 34mm total thickness at the output jack, which is less than 1.5" (38mm). Sounds like you have McCarty thickness (which might be what CM means, Custom McCarty?).

What's the total thickness at the jack?
If you mean what the size of the jack's plate from top to bottom is, then it's like 1 1/4"...that's my guess since I borrowed my roommate's tape measure earlier and he's asleep now.
I figure it's a reasonable guess being that I had that previous measurement and the jack's plate is centered.
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That is a Custom 24 Maple Headstock Veneer model. It was not a Musician's Friend Limited, any dealer could order them.

The following descriptions are from my July 1, 2009 Price List:

Custom 22, Custom 24, 513 w/ Maple Headstock Veneer

Carved figured maple top with mahogany back, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, matching maple headstock veneer, PRS low mass locking tuners, hardshell case

Custom 22 - wide fat neck, bird inlays, flame 10 top, PRS stoptail, volume, push-pull tone, 3-way toggle, Starla pickups
Custom 24 - regular neck, bird inlays, flame 10 top, PRS tremolo, volume, push-pull tone, 3-way toggle, HFS & Vintage bass pickups
513 - 513 neck, 513 bird inlays, quilt 10 top, PRS tremolo, 513 pickups & electronics package

Dark Cherry Sunburst, Gray Black, McCarty Sunburst, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Vintage Natural

On a side note in 2009 the Custom 22's and 24's have the rotary 5-way with no cost option on the 3-way with push/pull tone pot. Options included 10 top, IRW neck and gold hardware.

There were separate Custom 22 and Custom 24 5-way Blade Switch models with the only option being 10 top flame.