What do you think of this top?

I dig it because it's unique! I was the kid wearing Hawaiian print Vans in High school when the checkerboards were the rage. I think it looks like a negative of itself. Pretty cool!
Hit the nail on the head. I'd pick that over a standard looking 10-top just for that reason, My first PRS CU22 was unique that way and I regret selling it to this day.

Oh I would pick it up over a 10 top too, especially if I could get the 10 top price :)
Agree with all of the above...plus being on a Santana makes any top more Awesomer.
Sorry but I really do not like it. I love it! That is the kind of top that you will shift in the light 500 different ways and get a different look each time. Fab. I also love the Santana body style almost as much as the traditional so I am probably have a small bias.
I have written in for some more info on this one.

I might be dodging a bullet here or taking one...not sure which, but I don't think the dealer can ship this one to the USA.
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I like it because it has character. I don't always like tops with character -- sometimes they look like they have that kind of birthmark that screams, "I hate it when people ask me about my birthmark" -- but then sometimes they look like this. This is right up there with my favourite top I own, my swirly 30th anniversary.
I like this top a lot, I think it's classy.
It's very unusual without being weird and it sits nicely between flame and quilt.
I'm pretty sure that since it was made in the USA, US Customs would be happy to let it come back.
Yup, I bought a Wood Library from Japan -- as long as they mark it "returning to country of origin" on the forms, which mine did, there should be no problem. I wasn't even contacted by customs, so had no 'splainin' to do.