What do you know about holoflakes?


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May 9, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Am curious to know if any of you know anything about holoflakes. Below is my standard 24 silver holoflake. It's been in my family for about 15 years and was bought off of ebay. I don't think the previous owner thought much of it. I have heard they were made in silver, red, green, blue, and maybe gold, but I've never seen another set neck. There was a CE 24 silver holoflake on ebay about 2 months ago and that was the first one I've seen for sale in years.

Holoflake guitars are awesome. Just when I think I've seen all the colors - another one pops up.

PRS won't do sparkle/flake anymore. That's a keeper.
I know I want one.

Fantastic looking guitar. And welcome to the forums.
Interestingly enough I just searched on ebay, there's two for sale today. A blue CE 24 and another silver set neck, seller claims it's a custom 24 but I'm pretty sure it's another standard 24. A red CE 24 just recently sold as well. Looks like someone is getting rid of their collection.
Incoming! I just scored a Silver Holoflake CE24! They do seem a little rare, how many Hoflakes were made?
I'm just going off memory/rumors from the old BAM days, but I believe it was 5 set necks and 5 bolt-ons in each color? Don't quote me on that. But going by the relative few I've seen for sale over the years, that seems about right. And yes, the colors were: Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold.

The set neck on eBay right now is a custom. One of the pics is of the pickup cavity, which says standard but the top wood exposed is definitely maple. Either way, its awesome, and I WANT IT
But as a BIG holoflake fan, I grew tired of waiting for one to come along. I bought an '07 STD22 Satin and had it refinished. Here's a couple pics, but its IMPOSSIBLE to photograph, especially with an iPhone. It looks ridiculously cool in person and gets compliments every time I gig it.