What do you do for work?


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Apr 26, 2012
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It's been alluded to in the PRS Lexicon thread but I don't think the question has been asked here...

What do you all do for work? Will be interesting to do another Doctor, lawyer and engineer count!

I work for a company that specialises in passive structural fire protection systems for High Speed Craft (think fire proof panels for big, aluminium passenger/vehicle ferries), my role is pretty broad, from R&D to Quality System Management, but I'd say it's a +1 for the engineers.
I work for the Boeing Company a few miles away from the plant where the 737s are made.
I am at corporate headquarters and the flight simulator center.
The latter is where they train the pilots for the aircraft.

I am with the facilities team, we maintain the site to keep it running.
I drive a variety of rigs including forklifts, Bobcat Toolcat, mobile crane, ect.
Our crew is comprised of electricians, heat & vent, plumbers, ect, everyone needed to keep the place running.



The Toolcat is great during the winter to clear snow.



I work at four sites daily, so my day/week goes very fast.
Never a dull moment.
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Systems Administrator at a University. Server/networking mostly. Although I like to call my title "slave". I actually like what I do, I'm just not sure if I like where I am to. People are really nice, but money is way below what we should be getting and the hours and expectations are rough. Hot girls though! lol
I'm a self employed guitar teacher running my own private tuition business from home where I've got a dedicated room that I teach out of.

In addition to the private tuition, I also work on several other music projects providing tuition in Guitar, Music Technology, Stage Craft and Live Sound.

Early next year I will be branching out into the world of live sound hire with a new small business providing high quality portable live sound for small venues who don't have a permanent installation and for bands who want to play gigs in similar places or maybe even slightly more obscure places.

I did standard 9-5 jobs when I left school but was never happy, the opposite in fact. If I wasn't working in the music industry in some way, I'd doubt I'd even still be here. True story.
I run financial analysis for the Biomedical Research and Environmental Sciences division of NASA, I spend most of my time just trying to look like I know what I'm doing...
I'm an IT guy at a private boys school in Nashville. I also get to video demo cool guitar stuff.
I always have trouble describing what I do in a way that anyone understands, so I usually just say, "I'm in IT." This typically works unless the person I'm talking to turns out to be in IT also. Then I have to explain myself. What I actually do is oversee/coordinate/present process documentation and governance for my company's IT Service Management program. I also do process analysis and tool administration for Knowledge Management.

I wanna drive CoreyT's giant fork lift. I worked in the warehouse portion of a Wal-Mart store when I was in college. I enjoyed driving the fork lift. Sometimes I miss being up and about moving stuff around all day, instead of being parked at a desk.
I am a licensed Psychologist in New York and New Jersey. Currently I provide forensic Psycholoical examinations for purposes of determining diagnosis and compensation for Veterans who have filed a claim for mental health compensation. The vast majority of cases are either PTSD related, or depression/anxiety secondary to a service conncected medical condition.
Previously, I brought Ultra Rapid Opiate Detoxification to the USA and rolled it out in Metropolitan Hospital in NY; Mout Sinai medical Center, Miami; University of Chicago Medical Center; Pascack Valley Hospital in NJ and Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills. That's why my email address is [email protected]. I was never so happy to leave a project after about 10 years of having prospective clients nod off in my waiting room.
Previous to that, I paid my dues with almost 20 years of f/t private practice as the owner/director of a full service private psychology center in NJ that employed numerous therapists. Left that when it became clear that managed care was arbitrarily cutting benefits and refusing to pay claims.

In about 7 years, if all goes well...I hope to celebrate my 64th birthday in style...by being "unemployed/retired". My wife and I have lots of beaches to walk on and many sunsets to watch following that!! Maybe play some guitar as well.
I work in logistics as a driver. I've been on the industry off and on for 10 years.

I however worked in a phlebotomy and microbiology setting for a few years (boring).
I used to be an IT Engineer, PC Repairman, call it what you will.

Went from good pay at Fujitsu to breaking down old PC's for recycling and flogging the bits on Ebay for some less than kosher company!

Now doing whatever I can get and occasional guitar tutoring.

Once I get a house of my own i'll probbaly move into tutoring full time. Not really possible at the moment between A'hole neighbours and the embarrasment of asking strangers to home up to a cramped spare bedroom!

If that doesn't work out then it's back to college or even uni to retrain before I get to old!
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