What Do I Use to Record my Parlour Guitar


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Feb 18, 2020
I recently got a P20E and it’s giving me some distortion when i run it into my electric guitar amp or into my computer via hx stomp. I was wondering how do I record my guitar without the distortion? I’ve been looking into DI vs. audio interface but i honestly have no clue, maybe there’s a 3rd option. Can you guys help me out? Thanks
I had a Stomp, but I don't remember...is it also an interface? I know my Helix Rack is, but I don't use it that way.

If the HX is an interface, check your input gain vs. output gain in the global settings. Are you using as amp/cab block to process your guitar? If so, switch to preamp blocks without cab blocks for acoustic.

In your computer, do all of your DAW settings match what the Stomp is sending - sample rate, etc.?

These are the few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Other ideas? The best I can suggest is maybe a dedicated interface. Focusrite makes nice, little interfaces that sound great. You could get one and either DI box it to an input (XLR) or plug it straight into a line/instrument input.
As Mark says, you can find interfaces with very good instrument inputs and not have to use a DI box. Or you can use a DI box and take it into the mic preamps.

The thing to remember about most amps is that the clean tones are actually quite distorted; the distortion level of a typical clean amp is at least 10%, which is why they sound warmer and fatter with electric guitars than simply going direct.