What Cables are you using?


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Apr 26, 2012
FredVegas Virginia
What brand of cables are you using right now with your guitar rig? Im currently using all PRS cables myself including patch cables, I like the sound of them :) I have also used Monster,Mogami, Lava, Pawnshop, Live Wires.
I have two PRS cables that were with the Thank You package.
One has the silent jack end on it, the other is an orange cable with to 90 degree ends.

I have one of those American Stage cables from Planet Waves, and a couple of nice Mogami ones with a straight and 90 degree ends on them.

All are very good.
My patch cables are 10" Mogami.
I've been happy with Mogami for the past 20 years or so, simply because my studio is wired with it, and I had my tech make a bunch of cables.

I've used GeorgeL's on my pedalboard for its ability to quickly fabricate cables myself. I'm looking forward to trying the PRS cables!
I usually use Monster Rock 500 cables, but have been using the PRS cable from the Thank-You pack as well. I also have a Mogami for back-up in my bag. MIght have to pick up another PRS though...
I changed from Mogami to Solid Cables. A couple of years ago I asked one of the guys at McKenzie River Music about them. I wanted to know how much of the description and reviews was "snake oil" or "I payed a lot for these so they sound better." He said he was using them but if I didn't like them to return them for a full refund. My experience at critical listening was that there was less treble cut and overall just less muddy. I liked them and haven't felt the desire to see if anything else is better.
Monster Rock for me. Its interesting to read threads like this because I didn't realize that there would be so many different opinions.
Wow! I think I use a Planet Waves cable and a GH braided cable. I never really thought that they would make that big of a difference. Granted I never buy the cheapest, but I dont spend $80 on a cable either. Is it a shielding or noise issue or do they really make a difference in the tone?
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Bill Lawrence! Best kept secret in cables.

Great cables, but darn near impossible to get in Sweden, unless you want spend your cash
on overseas calls :) used to order a lot of pickups from them a few years back,
but gradually getting email replies from them got harder and harder (FB resulted in zero replies
in one year), I gave up and went for more readily available brands.
Elixir and George L. Cheaper patch cables, but I'm not really using many of those at any given time thanks to the G-System.