What are your setting for getting some dirt out of your Dallas?

Master at 12 o'clock or above, Volume at 10 o'clock or above. Push the volume up as needed for more crunch. Switch on the bright for a "crispy" tone, but be careful the treble is not above 2 o'clock.

Personally, I run master a 3 o'clock, volume at 11 o'clock, no bright, treble at 2 o'clock, mid at noon, bass at 9 o'clock. This gives me huge crunch, also very loud, but still sound great.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply! I will try those settings.

I have the Master at 3:00, volume at 8:00. I can get crunch if I crank the guitar, but it is LOUD.

Any settings for some grit at lower volume levels?

Thanks again.