What are you listening to right now?

Blackberry Smoke's latest...The Avett Brothers, and one of the guys at the music Store loves Vulfpeck!!! Hear it all night when I'm there...Bass Player is ROCK STEADY!!!
And just picked up an old Mike Varney production CD...Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth with Jimmy Earl on bass..."Truth in Shredding"...Killer chops.
I've been on a Richard Thompson jag recently, as I do a few times per year it seems. Several days of listening to roughly everything he's ever done.

So this morning, In honor of those at Experience unable to control their impulses, his awesome version of a terrible song (pretty cool Old English guitar part at 3:20):

And then, when our impulsees arrive back home with their gear haul and have to face the spouse:

When algorithms get it right... Spotify recommended this gem in tonight's travels, and I forgot how @#$%ing good it is.

Hell yeah!
In a mellow mood today. If the Bacon Brothers ever roll through your neck of the woods, go see them. Tight band. Good tunes.

Whelp, I'm out of that mellow mood!

Phil Campbell......life after Motorhead! He and his 3 sons plus a dude on vox....