What are you listening to right now?

ah the days of Legalized Spiritual Discovery ... this song was written by Donovan about Cass Elliot of the Mama's and Papa's ...

It's the recent album of UK's contemporary progmetal export TESSERACT named War of Being.
Literally a big production for a wall sound.

The second recommendation is - and it's in terms of the production - the opposite is German blues guitarist/singer and producer (and label owner, e. g. Canadian singer Layla Zoé) Henrik Freischlader. His current album is a live studio recording on tape with auditorium in the recording room. He's a friend of Joe Bonamassa. No being a gear nerd like JB, he's a pure autodidact w/o actual music theory. Just trial and error approach. His main role model was Gary Moore.
Mainly I listen to three contemporary blues guitarists. One is Joe Bonamassa for the big show, then it's UK's Aynsley Lister, and it's Freischlader.

The Album is called Studio Live Session.