What are you listening to right now?

always a joy ... love his line about "when it becomes part of your body, then your home" The concept I've strived for since the beginning.. interestingly , the "Q" switch is something Alembic has been using for decades .. like the eagle on the headstock ...
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Just picked up a copy of Andrew Synowiec's CD Second Story, with guest appearance by Tim Pierce. Fantastic stuff! Huge Tim Pierce fan.

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I was at that show!!
I’ve seen Johnny many times, starting with the acoustic trio tour (with Dimeola and Paco) in ~1977 and as recently as last month with Shakti (and the new PRS), but never got to see the original Mahavishnu lineup. Thanks for the link - I watched the video with John talking about (and playing) the new guitar, but missed this.

And glad to know I’m not the only greybeard around here.

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I saw him with the full Mahavishnu at Winterland during the Apocalypse tour , Jean Luc Ponty wore out 3 bows that night! Gail Moran with amazing vocals , Narada Michael Walden on drums ... Carlos joined for the second set .. it was magic

My uncle worked at Winterland so I went every weekend .. they always taped the shows .. it's great to see the shows again on you tube ...
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