What are you listening to right now?

I have heard this song a million times but this time I honestly shed some tears. I have been sick with migraines and haven’t been able to play my guitars for almost 3 weeks. I am wanting to play so badly I can have been listening to ACDC and the song’s I know my fingers are just playing the frets anyhow. Better then nothing. Lol

We have to be careful with what songs we pick. Our singer is very politically correct.
No racism, no condescension towards women etc. Or she won’t sing it. Most of it I agree with the other 20% I just keep quiet. She’s a dynamic singer I really don’t want to lose her. For example she wouldn’t sing Brown sugar. We took it out of the set list.
I never even knew about these guys. His voice reminds me of Lenny Kravitz for some reason. This is an absolute killer band!!

It's funny how these guys get around. John Corabi, is a singer/guitarist who's certainly been in a bunch of projects. At one point he replaced Vince Neil (talk about an UPGRADE) in Motley Crue. He's no longer with the Dead Daisies, who now have Glenn Hughes on vocals (another great vocalist who's made his rounds, too). And how can you beat Doug Aldrich as a rock guitarist?!! I had the chance to meet him once through Howard Leese at Raiding the Rock Vault. I shared a bunch of PRS pics with him that day. Very nice guy.
My hubby back in the day had his own rock merchandising business making merchandise for a lot of Canadian bands. I met quite a few really really nice rock stars and a few aholes along the way. Nice memories to look back on.

I also have 1 of 5 World tour Rolling Stones jacket. Will put a pic up! They were made for a Q107 radio contest. Because my husband made them I got 1.
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I've been on a real kick with the Doors lately. Loved them when they first came out and I believe the only album I never had was LA Woman. Can't seem to get enough of them these days. Those guys knew how to craft songs, no doubt. Loved Robby Krieger's style. Very underrated player in my humble opinion.
Went back to some older stuff that I love this week.

An overlooked band - Maggie's Dream. The singer was in Menudo (really). 32 years old, and some of the messages are sadly still relevant today.

Then there's Matraca Berg. Sadly overlooked, and a great songwriter.

Finally, another overlooked singer. Joan Osborne had a big hit with "One Of Us", but this week I went for a later album. "Cathedrals" was the first single.

Greta Van Fleet! How did I miss these guy’s, what do I live in a cave.
I had not hear of them until I saw them on Saturday Night Live about a year ago! Must say I was pretty impressed!! Of course, the reason I never heard of them is I pay zero attention to most of the music world and rarely listen to the radio!!!