What are you listening to right now?

I haven't felt Dream Theater has had a really complete album since Black Clouds but THIS new one is really good. This song in particular is a highlight. John on his new 8 string.

New Adel...such an amazing talent. Her voice reminds me of a really fast car, just cruising along then you stomp it and it pins you to the seat. The analogy makes sense in my pea brain anyway.:confused:
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Ross Jennings (Haken) has a new solo album, A Shadow of My Future Self, which is pretty great. Definitely sounds like a solo album, though, and that he was trying not to sound like Haken, which isn't necessarily bad, however much I love them.
Chelsea Wolfe (pretty great solo artist with a lot of dark songs) collaborated with Converge (post-metal) on a new album that doesn't sound entirely like either artist individually, but has lots of elements of both, that had me giggling with how great it was.
Swallow the Sun (goth adjacent doom) have a new album out as well, Moonflowers, which is great as long as you love everything they've done before (which I do). Second disk is chamber music versions of all the songs, which is also very enjoyable, albeit surprising.
Yeah, she kinda lost me a bit after that as well, but man - what a great album "Little Earthquakes" is. One of those that just made me say "whoa" when I first heard it. Even the B-sides and stuff around that era were very good. To me, she really had a unique voice on the piano - there is some playing and voicing on there that I can't quite picture coming from anyone else.
I actually really loved Scarlet's Walk. It really felt like she grew up with that album. Strange Little Girls was nicely experimental, not necessarily what you'd expect ("Reign in Blood" is WACK), but A+ for stretching herself as an artist. And I really liked The Beekeeper and Ocean to Ocean. In the interest of full disclosure, though, I completely slept on everything between American Doll Posse through Native Invader, so take my monolog with a grain of salt. I might have to catch up with her.

Lots of goodness.

I challenge you not to tap your foot, or as I did as I cooked dinner this evening, dance around the kitchen!
I enjoyed every single one of these acts (and there was a PRS sighting during 6:33's set, which is bookmarked in the description, but they're all worth watching, especially the first one) :
Finally, today I listened to The Underfall Yard by Big Big Train -- sort of a "virtual sitting shiva" with some friends.

Then moved on to comfort music -- Papir (stoner/jam) and Riverside (4 hours prog compilation that just came out -- and Volume one is "shorts" and has 19 tracks and volume two is "longs" and has 14 tracks... you think to yourself, that doesn't sound like the math works out...until you realize the shorts are 1.5 hours and the longs are 2.5 hours).
Cat juggling! Now THAT’S entertaining!:p:D
Unfortunately it's not as entertaining as it sounds -- I have three different cats, and none of them can be in the same room as some of the others (pretty much -- not entirely true), so what I'm really doing is swapping them into the feeding area. It's a very slow juggle.
Back on topic, I'm listening to a variety of math rock: toe, 3nd, 宇宙コンビニ (Uchu Conbini), &c.