What are the non-PRS guitars in your arsenal you'll just never quit?

Moondog Wily

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Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
The two non PRSi in my arsenal that I would never quit, don't even get played lately, but I will hold on to them till the day I die! I have owned them both for over 30 years so the power of the sentiment is strong in these axes!! One is my Martin D12-20. It was built in 1971, I have owned it since 1991. It is the most beautiful sounding acoustic I have ever had a chance to personally play! It has not been played in over 2 years now as the neck has so much that it needs to be reset (and every communication I have sent to Martin about getting this done by them, has been ignored). The other I hold dear to my heart is my Steinberger XM2T. It is a full body bass with locking trans trem system! Yes, a bass with a wammy bar, built in 1989 (N5950)! I love pulling it out after a couple of years in it's original gig bag, and it is almost always in tune as the result of the graphite neck! I think I might use it this year on some material that is floating in the mind! The EMG pickups sound great on it, but I generally use my MM Stingray as bass especially if I am going to slap/pop!


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Jun 1, 2017
Memphis, TN
These are my non PRS faves.

Mcnaught VSC



Wilkins Superstrats.




Mike J.

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Nov 14, 2021
My problem is the opposite. I have guitars that I really need to part with simply because I never play them anymore. These were my "trial and error" purchases throughout the years in an attempt to find "thee guitar" that worked best for me. The thing is they all need some work before hand. Some need rewiring, most need fretwork and some need new pickups. I've got 5 that I could probably easily part with once fixed up. Other things need to go as well. I did take some things to my local music store for consignment on 10/26/21. So far, no takers.

Bottom line is: I'm now 69 years old and while your results may vary, I really need to get rid of things in all departments. Getting older and if and when the day comes where I have to leave my house I don't want my son to have to deal with anymore than what is absolutely necessary. You know: "Dad! What the hell were you hanging on to all of this for?!?!"


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Apr 24, 2012
Potomac, MD
My Fender Cunetto Nocaster, Mary Kay Start and 60's Sunburst Strat. My Gibson 58-RI Flametop and Murphy aged '56 Goldtop.

And, of course, my MartinD-35 that I bought 46 years ago this Summer...

There are others, but these are the best of the best...