What are the causes of pickup noise?


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Jul 15, 2022
Hi guys

I finally successfully installed Jimmy Page wiring on my 335 with a set of 58/15 lt tci pickups.

It's 50's style wiring with a capacitors connected between the volume pots and the tone pots. Compared to the original where the coil taps are operated by volume pot switches, I changed the position to operate the coil taps by tone pot switches. All functions work as expected and the sound is really good.

I was already using the 58/15 lt tci and 58/15 lt + tci pickups and they are 3 conductor and sound good to me. The sounds you can hear through my current work are just as great as my previous ones.

However, there is only one issue: the treble pickup produces some noise. The level of the noise is very small. However, since no noise is heard from the bass pickup, it stands out relatively.

The noise may disappear or become very small depending on the position or posture in which I play the guitar. What are some things that could cause a phenomenon like this?

I think my guitar is in great shape right now, but if it can be made more perfect, I'll give it a try.

Also, I found an error in the color code of the 58/15 lt 4 conductor pickups I previously posted, so I corrected the content.

Thanks guys