What Acoustic Amp for P22?


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Jun 14, 2012
Have been checking out ( online stores and youtube) acoustic amps to use with my P22. Have several tube amps for "Electric" side but want that "real" acoustic sound.

Dont want to spend a lot of $$ so at present amconsidering Marshall AS50D. Anybody tried one or have one for use with a piezo solid-body (not acoustic) guitar?

AER 60/2. Magnificent with my HBII, incredible with my Tonare...


I have the wood cabinet one, pictured above. It also comes in a tolex version that's a bit less $$$

I have one of the little Ibanez Troubadour acoustic amps and it provides a decent sound for not much $$.
I have interestingly also found that the OD channel on my Koch Twintone II is very nearly as good for the Piezos on my Parker Nitefly. The clean channel is too bright, the OD is a little darker and the extra little bit of gain (not enough to get any drive) and compression work really well and it sings. I also tried it on my Pro Junior and it isn't bad either.
Has anyone else tried this?
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