What’s the short list of pedal(s) that you can’t be without?


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Aug 29, 2012
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Mines short – V4 Fulltone OCD and Boss TU-3 Tuner pedal. Lots of pedals come and go but those two are essential. :top:

Those are also the first two I recommend to a new player to get started.

Can’t sound good if you’re not in tune! :flute:

The OCD add a really useful “Dirt” tone to any amp I’ve used it with – 59 Bassman, Champ, Supersonic, EVH 5150III, Carvin X100B and Mesa TA-30....It’s the one OD that always “Plays well with others” for me. :five:

What’s your short list and WHY? :biggrin:
Tuner pedal.
Compression pedal.
Tubescreamer pedal of some description.

They're what I consider to be the core of my sound (When i'm playing my own stuff)

And like you say... Gotta be in tune! :)
I could possibly get away without an OD pedal if the amp had an nice OD channel but I like the creamy sounds of a Tubescreamer pedal (Or in this case my GFS Greenie TS clone). I have a vol pedal that I love. Used to think that was a core pedal but i'm using it less and using the guitars vol knob more.
It depends on the band, but both my boards have a tuner, a delay, and some form of dirt. If I'm using a multi-channel amp, the dirt isn't completely necessary. For dirt, I use a Jetter Jetdrive, a Fulltone GT-500, and/or a Homebrew Electronics Power Screamer. Oth e Jetdrive and the GT-500 are dual pedals, allowing two different drives or one drive and a boost (which is how I use them).

All that said about dirt, I've been trying to just ride the volume knob and run my single channel THD BiValve.
TC Polytune and TC Flashback X4. Mainly because I cleaned house not long ago. Gave my son my modded Tube Screamer. Had a cool GFS delay that a friend had to have!!! He was very convincing....and I'm rambling...

Why? Uhhh...
They dont have this anymore suppsedly..They have a GT-6 for 600...Gee serge is it hard to program?

Yeah it's discontinued. The presets and preamp section kind of suck, but this is my second one I have been able to buy for $100 off Craigslist. I use it as a tuner, phaser, chorus, auto wah (which is bangin' because it has envelope down like a Mu-tron), and all sorts of delay stuff. There is a free editor for PC and Mac that makes things easier to program, you can also use it to save your patches to a thumb drive, or I suppose even iCloud, so if it dies on tour all you have to do is comb the classifieds and you're not totally screwed.
Definitely tuner and delay. I've had the same TU-2 since the 90s, still works great. Since about 2005 or 2006 I've had a DD-20 for delay. There have been a lot of improvements in this as technology has continued forward and the Eventide Timefactor looks pretty cool. I just wish it was easier to run a rig in stereo.

I use amp distortion so there's no real need for one of those. Certain parts of songs would sound strange if I wasn't using the tremolo effect but it wouldn't be a song killer. Same with my octave down pedal.
My small board, which I use the most has a Dunlop CAE Wah, White EP Booster, Gold Kalamazoo, Polytuna & Boss DD3. The only one's I REALLY must have would be the EP & the Kalamazoo. Well that & my red curly cable & Lollar pick!